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產地: Puglia, Italy

葡萄品種: 80% Negroamaro 20% Malavasia Nera

酒精度: 13%

評分 Robert Parker

Looking for the greatest wine value from Italy? You'll find none better than the full-bodied, robust, black-cherry, and tar-scented, richly flavored, exuberant, fleshy 1986 and 1990 Salice Salentino-Riservas, among the finest red wine values in the world! These big, rich, pure, well-balanced wines are perfect foils for bistro cooking. If you have not yet discovered the thrills these wines provide, don't hesitate. Virtually any vintage of Salice Salentino will age well for 10-12 years. The Riserva, which is the same wine but has been aged longer at the winery, has a slightly more mellow, softer style

Cosimo Taurino Rosso Salice Salentino Riserva 1990

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